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 My Personal Annual Birthday Forecast - Sample Cover

My Personal Annual Birthday Forecast (print)

By: Robert Pollini

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My Personal Annual Birthday Forecast (print)
How to make the most of your next twelve months: your solar return report! My Personal Annual Birthday Forecast™ tracks your Sun’s ‘return’ this year to the exact degree that it assumed at the very time you were born. The period explored spans a whole year, from one birthday to the next.
Written by celebrated astrologer Robert Pollini, this informative book helps you define the emerging themes for your birthday year which would not be wholly apparent from the study of your natal chart, and your Sun and Rising signs alone. In addition, through detailed exploration of the placement of the planets on your birthday this year, you are guided to the broader issues about to impact on your immediate future helping you prepare for your year ahead.
Not sure which birthday year to order? If your birthday was five months ago or less, choose the year of that birthday. If your birthday was six months or more ago, choose the year of your next birthday so that you will have time to prepare for your new birth year.


My Personal Annual Birthday Forecast, Your Solar Return is the perfect sequel to My Personal Horoscope. Explored in sequence, these books provide you with you’re a comprehensive study of your unique personality as well as the challenges and opportunities that may pose themselves in the year ahead. 
Note: My Personal Annual Birthday Forecast does not give you exact dates for decision-making in the coming year. That is not the purpose of the solar return chart.
My Personal Annual Birthday Forecast, Your Solar Return is a beautiful 62-page book, soft to the touch. It makes the ideal keepsake edition with its personalized features: your unique birth chart, your name appearing throughout the book, and your name printed on the cover and spine. What about gifting My Personal Annual Birthday Forecast to that special somebody?
For an additional $5, you can include a custom message which will appear on the title page. Simply click on the "Custom Message" button on the order form and enter your message in the Custom Message box. 
To order the E-BOOK/PDF version please click here. No shipping costs will be charged for e-books. 

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The forecast runs from your birthday in the year you select to your next birthday in the following year. When born on November 21, and you select 2018, the forecast runs from November 21, 2018 to November 21, 2019.
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