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 My Personal Horoscope Adult by Susan Miller

My Personal Horoscopeâ„¢ (your name printed on cover)

By: Susan Miller

Price: $59.99
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My Personal Horoscopeâ„¢ (your name printed on cover)

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Each Custom Written for You! Do you wonder what gives you the special personality you alone have? What about why you display certain emotions and communicate in the way that you do? Discover answers to these essential questions and more with your very own, ‘My Personal Horoscope’ written specifically for you with the planetary wisdom of popular astrologer, Susan Miller. 

Through exploring your customized copy of, ‘My Personal Horoscope’ you will learn how, at the precise moment of your birth, the position of the Sun influenced your personality and the Moon impacted your emotions. You will understand the importance of your Ascendant (Rising sign) and the effect it has on the way you connect with others.

‘My Personal Horoscope’ focuses especially on the traits and truths of your Rising sign- the sign which was ascending on the Earth’s eastern horizon at the time when you were born and which suggests the sign which you were meant to be. To fully understand your unique birth chart it is essential to have knowledge of both your Sun sign (Zodiac sign) and your Rising sign. Regarding your Sun sign and Rising sign together provides you with vital information about how you differ compared to others of the same Sun sign. 

With the help of this informative book, you will get a clear understanding and awareness of your unique birth chart. Many readers have discovered new things about themselves by reading Susan Miller's, ‘My Personal Horoscope’. You can too.

To order the E-BOOK/PDF version please click here. No shipping costs will be charged for e-books.


My Personal Horoscopeâ„¢ Adult Edition (Featured Image)

My Personal Horoscope™- Adult Edition is a beautiful, full-color, 64 page, keepsake edition with a quality soft cover. In addition to containing your very own personalized birth chart and unique information about you, also your name appears printed on the colorful soft cover and spine, and throughout the book.  


My Personal Horoscope also makes the perfect gift: for an additional $5, include a custom message of up to 30 words that will appear on the title page. It will be a great feature for a gift to that special someone.

Simply click on the 'Custom Message' button on the order form and enter your message in the Custom Message box. 

Order “My Personal Horoscopeâ„¢ (your name printed on cover)” today for $59.99!

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