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(Pre-Order) The Year Ahead 2014 Quality Paperback Edition

By: Susan Miller

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(Pre-Order) The Year Ahead 2014 Quality Paperback Edition

by Susan Miller

"I am sorry. I know you are anxious to have my book, and although I have written so much for it, including several long bonus chapters, I keep getting sidetracked. I love to write, and for weeks I would build up a good momentum, only to have to stop to write 48,000 words each month for Astrology Zone.

I have been adding the first half of 2015 in the manuscript so you will still have plenty of information. This makes sense, because good fortune Jupiter will tour Leo from July 2014 to August 2015, and taskmaster Saturn will enter Sagittarius on December 23, 2015, for a preview of what is to come, staying until June 14, 2015. Saturn will briefly re-enter Scorpio (where Saturn is now) for a farewell tour of three months, not to return until 2041. In September 17, 2015, Saturn will come back to Sagittarius, but this time, to stay for two years, until December 2019. Saturn has not toured Sagittarius for 29 years, so for everyone this will be a new influence. Jupiter's entry into Leo will be just as vital, for Jupiter has not visited Leo for twelve years. Fortunately, with Jupiter in a fire sign, and Saturn will be in fire sign Sagittarius too, these two mega-planets will be highly compatible (as they will be this month in water signs) - a rare circumstance, but wonderful when it happens. Also, in March 2015, the long-standing feud between Uranus and Pluto that started in June 2012 and that has since rattled us all, personally and on the world stage, will finally end. While it will take many months for these two planets to separate far enough from one another to be mathematical significant, by 2015, they will be finally headed in the right direction - apart! For these reasons, 2015 will be a better year than 2014.

Friends who know me well tease me because they know it takes me three times as long to write about difficult aspects as it does positive ones. It is true. Just this month, I was finding that writing the forecasts for every sign took me twelve hours to write each, which is far more than the usual seven hours each. (I write my summaries separately, and those take another week, all together.) I go slowly on those hard aspects because I love you, dear reader, and never want to unnecessarily alarm you. Difficult aspects require a lot more explanation. With my revised manuscript, I will no longer be chained to writing about the seemingly never-ending series of retrogrades that are happening from January to July 1 of 2014, and the very difficult eclipses of April 2014. Those weighed on me. After this month's turning point eclipses, we will look at a better future. In many respects, 2014 will finally get off the ground as a brand new year in July.

I am staying put at home in April, not traveling, so I want to get things done now. Thank you for sticking by me, dear reader. I am very sorry for the long wait."

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