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Each Custom Written for You!

The position of the Sun explains your personality, the Moon gives you information on emotional development, while the Ascendant (or Rising sign) tells of how you communicate with others. With your book you will know your Rising sign, which, in astrology, is a vital piece of information and will never change.

The Rising sign is the sign that was ascending on earth's eastern horizon at the precise moment of your birth. It suggests the sign you were meant to be and why all members of one sign aren't alike. You display the qualities of your Rising sign quite naturally along with the qualities of your Sun sign (Zodiac sign). Hence you are a composite of the two.

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Each Custom written specially for the Child

Capture a Child's Uniqueness

The position of the Sun explains the child's personality, the Moon gives information on emotional development, while the Ascendant (also called Rising sign) tells of how the child will communicate with others. Learn about the child's many unique qualities, their potential and the many wonderful things you can look forward to in the years to come.

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Custom Written for the Two of You

Discover unique and personal insights into your relationship

Our relationships are the most personal experiences of our lives. Why do we feel attracted to some people but not to others? What makes our relationship work? Synastry is the astrological tool that provides deep insight into your relationship by comparing each of your individual horoscopes. The placement of the main planets of your horoscope are shown in the horoscope of your partner, and vice versa, showing how they interact in your relationship. You will learn more about the meaning of these planets as well as finding out the specific influences they have on your relationship. Synastry not only celebrates your unique ways of relating to each other but can also offer new ways of relating to your partner and solutions to possible relationship issues.

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Escrito especĂ­ficamente para ti.

Un libro único de 64 páginas dedicado a ti. ”Mi Horóscopo Personal” trata de ti, tu historia, tus puntos fuertes, tu trabajo y tus amigos. Es un libro único en el mundo, porque ha sido escrito específicamente para ti. 

Un libro excepcionalmente atractivo, encuadernado con preciosas ilustraciones a color. Un libro que disfrutarás para siempre. 

Cada libro es único, porque tú eres una persona única 
Mi Horóscopo está dedicado a ti. Es un libro hecho a medida en cuyas páginas encontrarás continuamente tu nombre. No sólo trata de tu signo zodiacal, sino tu horóscopo completo, es decir: ascendente, Medium Coeli y las posiciones de los planetas. Esto significa que se tratan desde todos los ángulos todos los aspectos de tu personalidad.